How Society Kills Our Creativity – In A Breathtaking Award-Winning Short Film

If you relate with a sense of having your true self shunned by the society we live in, this one’s for you! And if you have kids on top of that, it will really hit home.

Madrid based animators, Daniel Martinez Lara and Rafa Cano Mendez created this touching 7 minute short film that perfectly demonstrates what happens when we let external influences dim our inner light, and how it affects the lives of those we love most. Enjoy! And go grab some tissues, you might need ’em!

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  • John Halderman

    Well done!!!

  • Deepali Agarwal

    very nice. 🙂

  • golden eagle

    Everyone loves what you guys are up too. This kind of clever work and coverage! Keep up the great works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to blogroll.

  • Dolores Ramsbottom

    This is beyond fabulous. I’m ready to ‘get inspired’ by ‘uplifted life’. Thanks so much.

  • Peggy L Young


  • PaulineRobertson

    I think I even hear my kitty sobbing. . .

  • A David

    very true. Being a life long musician I truly understand this

  • S.T. Warnock

    What a truly special movie. I just finished a horrific semester in school and this is what it felt like. Let the creativity begin.

  • Bobbie

    This is terrific I am an artist, but, never had art in school and was 55 before I ever took up a paint brush. We need to encourage our kids more in the arts.

    • Naomi

      Thanks for sharing that comment… I’m thinking of learning violin… I’m almost 40, and have never tried. You have inspired me to try!

  • Sue Johnson

    This wonderful. Should be shown everywhere. Please enter in Academy awards for short animation. ?

  • Robin Ackerley

    Exactly! Let’s be more creative in our teaching.. let’s listen to the wind in the trees and live life a little slower.

  • June Barrett

    As simple as this video was the message it delivers is huge. Humanity has become a colorless society of one dimensional, think inside the box, zombies!!! Technology for the most part has really dumb down the masses instead of expanded the visual field encouraging creativity. The father in this video saw his child’s vigor and zest for life fading away and realized (real eyes) he was losing his color also. He did a courageous thing in his effort to recapture his son’s enthusiasm, which was beautiful. But there are so many other father’s that turn a blind eye on their children causing the whole family unit to suffer and eventually fall apart.

    I really hope individuals viewing this video recognize this, especially if this message relates to their life. The father got his color from the joy of his child. He woke up before it was too late. Children have as much to teach us about the world and ourselves as we have to teach them. We need to stop looking with our mind’s eye and start looking with our heart’s eye!!!

    • CC

      Why do you think that was a father?

      • JC

        He was wearing a tie…

      • Basic Brendon

        Because he was blue. Mothers are pink. 🙂

  • Margrét

    Does your world have women? Are they maybe invincible?

  • Dianne G

    Every time cuts in education is needed the arts ? are always the first to go. Perhaps we should cut football, baseball and soccer first.

    Under the new administration all of our educational processes are under attack. Otherwise why would an individual who has her own children privately educated, does not understand the process or needs of public education. Vouchers will not be an answer for children of the poor, even the middle class will also struggle under the direction of the new regime.

    I understand that not everyone will
    Agree with me but we must be wary of any and all who want to create an larger schism between the classes of people.

    This video is remarkable in pointing out that not all students learn in the same way. Many learn through the arts, I taught many students in my private studio. The arts are being deleted in many states and districts. I always brought in how the other subjects are needed with art. The arts are not mutually exclusive but they build on each other. When the arts leave the schools a link of knowledge is being removed too.

  • AnissaT

    Leaving the office and going home to blast my 16-year-old’s EDM music creations until the neighbors get mad! Inspired & uplifted!!!

  • Soutrik

    Love it!

  • Coombsanity

    Only thing I would caution against: art is always a reaction the environment from which it is born. You really can’t have one without the other. That’s the very nature of art – to create something that elicits an emotional response. This video is a clear example of that: a commentary on a culture that values profit over the arts.

    Art requires fertile ground in order to sprout. Don’t be too quick to judge the society that lay the soil.

  • Ziska

    I only like some parts of it. I think that learning is also joy. School could be the most diversified place of most people’s lives. In contrast, the skills a violinist/artist/author must have before others can be inspired by their work probably included a lot of learning including “gray” repetitive tasks. The message of this cute movie is somehow beside the point. Its spont on concerning the value of sensitivity towards others.

    • Basic Brendan

      hear hear!

  • Ann

    I don’t like this video. It implies that school and work are soul-sucking, uncreative, dull places and the same for activities associated with them. But many careers involve creativity, from marketing to music to teaching. And my school experience has always included creativity. Beyond art and music classes, regular classes can involve creativity, as well. Math is problem solving, history is interpretation, and science is just fun. These are things that require creativity to succeed. Creativity comes in many forms; school and work are not inherently dull and void of creativity.

    • JC

      You’re not seeing the deeper message…

  • Ray Besserdin

    Now read the book, “The End of Average, How to succeed in a world that values sameness”. By Todd Rose from Harvard.
    He exposes the whole story of how sameness came to be the expected since the last 200 or so years. You can’t put the book down “or be the the same” again.
    Congratulations to these animators for breaking the mould too.

  • Aoife

    Wonderful 🙂


    Great Art. This should go on tour

  • G. Chromer

    Imagine how society is killing millions of talents… Great video.

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