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When life comes at us a thousand miles an hour, our deepest calling and truest self often get knocked unconscious by storms of distraction, anxiety, and heaviness. It can feel as if somewhere along the way, we lost connection to ourselves, our direction and our ability to see things clearly. The truth is; we never really “lose connection”. The clarity we seek simply gets muffled under layers of toxic inner dialog, self-limiting stories and conditioned mindsets.

Uplifted Life’s retreats are the perfect way to slash through the inner and outer clutter weighing us down in a fun, grounded, uplifting and safe environment. The experience of being in nature while connecting with others who also care about becoming their best selves is a deeply fulfilling experience. You will learn practical ways to help strengthen the connection to your own internal guidance system, while discovering life-enhancing tools to help move you towards the vibrant, abundant and purposeful life that feels most aligned with your soul.

Our retreats will support you in:

  • Getting rid of the mental clutter weighing you down by exploring different modalities such as meditation, nature walks, meaningful dialogue, insightful Q&A sessions, self-inquiry and presence.
  • Becoming aware of the limiting beliefs, fears and stories that are preventing you from deeply knowing who you are and what you are capable of.
  • Truly coming to life as you realign with your highest purpose and the gifts you are here to share with the world.
  • Developing simple and grounded practices that will help you untangle from personal blockages and clear the way to the life that you truly desire to experience.
  • Creating your very own “toolbox” that will help you navigate life with lightness of heart, mind, body, and soul!

The energy that will be shared via this workshop will reawaken and liberate something very empowering within you.

  • Thank you for one of the most honest and amazing experience in my life. I gave myself this present, I spent time with myself, I allowed myself to feel, I could see the world with different eyes... and so much more! Thank you for making all of this possible 🙂 Every moment and everyone is kept in my heart for the rest of my life path. Blessings and Love

  • I want to thank you for offering me this safe space where I was able to just be myself and share with others.

  • Beautiful weekend. Thank you for organizing this Re-Treat! I loved meeting all the different people from different backgrounds, we all have our own stories to tell, being part of the changing seasons, amidst the fog, the bright and warm sun, the drippily rain and soft snow. It was truly inspiring. I loved listening to your wise words, they spoke to me, they reached me in a way that was incredibly powerful. I felt a lot this weekend. it was emotional, at times difficult, but all good. It was like divine therapy! Thank you for the safe space you provided for that. I loved learning about new breath techniques, new books to read, getting a refresher on life. having the time to stop, enjoy, eat and laugh with strangers that have become friends. thank you, thank you, thank you. Lots of Love

  • Loved it, loved it, loved it - So many gems were shared and received. What an amazing weekend! Bhaskar and Kosta you guys ROCK! The love, wisdom, openness, warmth and the 'YOU' you bring and so generously share is invaluable... We need to keep the contentedness and energy flowing!

  • Thank you all for your beautiful presence this weekend. I have arrived home with a renewed sense of connection and knowing that I have access to my centre/my anchor at any time just by slowing down and that it will allow me to be my best self as a partner, friend, mom, employee, etc!

  • Thank you everyone for this amazing experience! Such a wonderful group of awesomeness... grateful for spending time with dear ones and meeting new friends. I was thinking about all our discussions during the drive back... our time together clearly had an impact on me. I went into the weekend with an open mind and no expectations and look how awesome it turned out... going into life now with an open mind and no expectations 🙂

  • How magical was that! Did we really experience this awesomeness?! I'm still floating in a cloud of magic and embracing all the love and wisdom received. Thank you everyone for bringing and sharing yourself, your journeys and your uniqueness! What an incredible retreat! So much love, beautiful insights and gems were shared!

  • What a privilege it was to spend the weekend in your loving presence. I learned so much from your wisdom and generous spirits. I wished for magic, and it was magical.

  • How revived, kind and loving I feel coming back home tonight. Feeling light and uplifted and exponentially grateful for this experience. So many meaningful connections that feel like that the beginning of many new great friendships. Thank you Bhaskar and Kosta for your commitment, generosity and light and thank you to everyone who participated in this weekend and made it the awesomeness it was!!!!

  • I came home with a new, re- energized outlook on life. Feel so grateful and blessed to have met so many wonderful, inspiring, and joyful people. Thank you for such a wonderful experience and for the humbleness and sincerity Bhaskar and Kosta. You are awesome. There are no words to describe the magic that was felt all through this amazing retreat. Can't wait to meet you all again.

If you were provided with the insights to transform the quality of your life…would you choose to do so?

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