Why Be Positive In A World Full Of Suffering?

Yes, humanity faces a lot of problems. Yes, there are “bad guys” out there. It may seem like the only thing to do is fight against the dark—and there sure is value in standing for what is right while setting firm boundaries towards what isn’t. But before fist pumping and letting rage fill our hearts, it is so important that we understand this one basic, fundamental Truth. A Truth so significant that—if forgotten—will greatly dim the light, power and momentum in our efforts to change the world. If we do apply this Truth however, the ripple effect it will create will carry on for generations to come. You’ll understand why after watching the following video, in which Kosta Stoyanoff, founder of Uplifted Life, brilliantly explains how simple—yet how easily overlooked—this key ingredient for world change is.

P.S. This totally applies in our efforts to change our own personal lives as well!

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  • Yianni Vrakas

    i agree 100%. but, what happens then is i find my self trapped in this rotten society, which makes me miserable because i fail in it. and i have to do work that i dont like because of poverty, and in the end i am miserable, even though i try to find every opportunity to grow and mature. i cant change the world. i can change my self. but i cant change the situation of my life which is the root of my depression. And as a depressed person i cannot fully offer my self to the world.

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