After His Wife Was Killed, Mind-Blowing Signs From The “Other Side” Guided Him To His Purpose

Mike Fecht’s story is the ultimate proof of two things.

  1. Our greatest challenges do not define us; but how we respond to them does
  2. We are NOT alone

And no matter how dark it gets… embracing and applying these truths in our lives still have the power to transform the most excruciating pain into a life of true meaning and beauty.

In the afternoon of June 2nd in 2009, Mike Fetch received a call that would change his life forever: his wife was shot by her mentally unstable son. In his TED talk, Mike described the journey that led him from hopelessness to the light of his purpose, and the many undeniable signs that the Universe put in his path to guide and remind him that he is not alone.

I hope Mike’s story will inspire you to perceive your own challenges in a new light and pay more attention to the little signs from Life nudging you to follow your heart!

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