Claire Wineland Needs Our Help

Some of you may know Claire through her many inspirational speeches and the way she inspires millions to count their blessings and live life to the fullest. She truly is a blessing to this world and living proof that despite even the worst of challenges, we still can live a beautiful life and be of service if we choose not to let our limitations define us. Claire has been a brilliant example of that, having lived with Cystic Fibrosis for 21 years now. This last year, however, her decline in health has been drastic.  She can no longer do the work she loves and travel the world to spread her positive message. Instead, her quality of life has become just about staying alive.

She has recently been placed on the UCSD Lung Transplant list which could give her a chance to extend her life. As you are about to see in her video, Claire isn’t the type to ask for help. One of the most common issues with givers is receiving, and she’s no exception. I applaud her for realizing that asking for help when in need is the most selfless thing she could do. After all, by allowing us to help her and fan her flame, her light can continue to shine on us all. It’s time to give back to this beautiful soul and offer her the support she needs during this new start and chapter of her life.

Thank you Claire for blessing us with your energy and wisdom even when things get really tough. I was about to quote the profound last statement you have made in your video, but I’ll let the viewers hear it for themselves. It was truly a wake up call for me. 💙

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